No matter when you come, you will feel the power of God, guaranteed. So pick the next service that fits your schedule and come experience Pentecost.

Sunday Nights

Church twice in one day? You better believe it!

Camp meeting, revival, old time Pentecost, whatever you want to call it, Sunday nights are next level! No separate classes or groups, just everybody together in one mind and one accord. Pre-service prayer kicks off at 6:00 pm, with a power packed praise and worship service starting at 6:30 pm, followed by the preached Word and another life changing altar call. Check it out and you’ll quickly find out Sunday nights are the place to be!

First Monday Prayer

Here at BAUPC we firmly believe in the power of prayer. In Acts we see many examples of the impact of the body of Christ joining together to pray in unity. That power is still available in the 21st century too.

On the first Monday of every month we join together at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary for whole church prayer. From praying for the sick to seeking direction from God for our city, first Monday prayer is the place to be for a life changing time of unified prayer!

Sunday Mornings

Starting at 9:30, the sanctuary begins to fill with the sounds of prayer and kids begin gathering in the fellowship hall for breakfast and games.

Both an English and Spanish service begin at 10:00 am. Our youngest begin in their classrooms and the older kids join worship service with the adults. After spending time in worship to the King of Kings, our kids and Purposed Youth head to the back for age appropriate classes. Adults stay in the sanctuary for a powerful and anointed sermon delivered by Pastor Aaron Dunn. At the end of the sermon we always take time to pray and reflect on the preached word because the real power comes in applying and receiving the word to our personal lives.

No matter your age, your soul can receive what it needs every Sunday morning at 10:00 am!

Wednesday Nights

Sunday to Sunday can be a long time without spiritual refreshing but thankfully Wednesday nights provide an opportunity for midweek renewal!

After work and school, gather at 7:00 pm for pre-service prayer. At 7:30 service begins with the music team leading us in worship service. After prayer and worship, our hearts are centered back on what matters most and we are ready for the Word. Some Wednesday nights Purposed Youth or the College & Career group head out for a separate class on issues relevant to their stage of life. In the main sanctuary Pastor guides us in studying the Word of God. From ongoing series with verse by verse studies of a particular book of the Bible, to one night in depth looks at a single topic, midweek is the time to make your knowledge of God and your Christian walk deeper and stronger.